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Do you live in a country that has a limited Internet connection? How many times do you block when you open a website? Are you freely browsing the website on the Internet freely? How often are you in your office or school?

Well, Anonymus is your solution, because it provides high-speed VPN connection to any geo-limited services in the country. This free VPN (Virtual Private Network) app provides a secure connection to protect your privacy and saves popular websites with limitations or limited restrictions. Pass

Anonymous comes with a clean and clean design and the interface is very user-friendly that you simply emphasize the connection button to access secure connection via SSL tunnel, HTTP tunnel or TCP tuning.

To find advanced settings for people, they have sticky settings that enable connection to the connection port, option to connect with parent proxy, custom TC HTTP header, and advanced SSL settings. Enable and edit the option to customize.

Therefore, you do not just search for a fast, secure and free VPNA or you are pro and find free tuning apps with advanced settings.

Is this free VPN proxy server stand out of the crowd?
Well, there are many VPN services and tunnel connection apps available at Play Store. but why? Because

One. It's completely free and you do not have to register to get the most of this free tuning app.

Make a trustworthy and grateful for multiple proxy servers that will not be disconnected

Free. It's running fast and service when you will not see any difference in speed

Four. It's unlimited and there is no limit on bandwidth

Five. Set set as set as set as set as set

One of the main features in the inner head:

• Clean and clean design with friendly
• No registration required
• No root needed
• It is fast, free and secure
• No Bandwidth Limit (Unlimited Bandwidth)
• SSL tunnel, HTTP tunnel, and TCP tuning
• Type any restriction
it's free

Therefore, the internal tone offers things that you should expect from such VPN apps, and if you live in a country that lives with many IS restrictions, if you have wall-mounted or wall If you want to find a secure connection. it's free. The Tuning app needs to try that all features are available for free and you can access your Android device to access the free cloud proxy server. No need to make it.

We are always monitoring our proxy servers so that we provide a fast, reliable and secure connection. Automatically this smart VPNA adds a close and fast server, so you will experience a fast and secure connection through the tunnel.
Download AnonyTun for free and tell us about any bugs, questions, feature requests or other tips.

And if you have any problem, please rate us 5 stars. If you have any problem, please email us before you can review it.
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