APK Editor - Apk Extractor

APK Editor - Apk Extractor

It can cross an APK file in the possible source code. With this app, you can deepen in an APK structure, and you can remove images from it. (For option or for your own use)
AP Composer will install all the applications in the combined /backup/backup app on your device and the list of all stored storage applications in your SD card will also be displayed.
★ Fast and easy to use.
★ Exclude only all applications in your device's user and system (root device only)
★ Default default / SD card or internal memory / app extractor /
★ Search Options will help you find any applications' requests
The latest version of the latest version of Android 5.1.1 and Android M from ★ Version 4.0
★ The application form has been removed
★ Pressure on any application that you can remove or install multiple or more applications.
★ You can uninstall or install any file in the folder again
★ Also, you can see the details of any application or access the store for more details
★ AP Research Pro application has been announced for advertising that can be removed at any time.

The AP Extractor removes the APK installed on your Android device and copies you to your SD card.

You can upload from the app or download it from the app backup and share with your friends. And you can also take the old application backup version in the updated version.
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