Description of Aptoide

Aptoide is an open source free Android app store that allows you to install and discover applications, easy, and securely.

Aptoide saves apps through social-based social experience. This gives you the opportunity to create your using your own store and upload your apps, follow community recommendations and find new content.

Can not find a specific app on the mainstream Android app stores? It's probably uploaded! And do not worry: All apps are checked for viruses, and we perform additional security tests to make sure your Android device is always safe.

Aptoide is a social and collaborative AP distribution and discovery maintenance. Join us in the revolution!

With you-you can:

Download your favorite Android apps without signing up;
- Find apps that are not available in other Android markets;
Drive your apps to the previous version;
Make your star and choose its name, logo and color theme;
Check the apps and stores recommended by the app's unique timeline;
- Follow other stores and find out who you follow - do not worry, you can also keep private things;
Rate and modify apps and stores and respond to other user feedback;
Share your apps locally without the need for an internet connection with your friends.

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