Bhabhi - Offline

Bhabhi - Offline

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Stay away - is a great game for daughter-in-law lovers. Hungry is very addictive and card-loving games. Usually played in Pakistan, India, Bangladeshi, England and the United States.
The big goal of getting help by playing all the cards. And Laser will be the one who will fail to overcome their cards and will be holding for holding.
In India, India and Bangladesh played the game as a BB. Where will the access to the European or the rest of the world play?
Trivia is a complete game that will help you get addictive due to its huge amounts of challenges.


There are three different ways.

1- Classic mode:
Every player will receive 13 cards and the person who has a spa on the person will first turn on their own.

2- Challenge Mode:
You will get 16 cards and the remaining 12 cards will be available each.

3- Pro mode:
You will get 19 cards and get 11 other cards.

*** Specialty ***

* Remember: Do you forget the cards have been rejected? Take a look at the rest of the tab and find out which cards are remaining.

* Truck Date: - If you want to know how the last trick has been won, the feature and the card that has been thrown into that trick will help you with it.

* Customizable table
Choose any game mode and select the desired betting price.

* Counter Box
You will get continuous free coins in the game.

* Daily Rally
Keep back daily and get free coin as a daily bonus.

You can get free coin by watching a rewarded video.

* Leadership Board
You can compete with other players around the world to get the first position on leaderboard, playground leader will help you find your position.

Game No Internet connection is mandatory
You do not need internet connection for playing games because you are playing with computer players (boot).

If you have any problem, please email us instead of advising you or send feedback on your Support ID.

Support ID:, you can also send feedback from the settings menu.

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