Business Card Maker Visiting Card Maker Photo Logo

Business Card Maker Visiting Card Maker Photo Logo

This app is compatible with some of your devices.

75+ free business card templates and 100+ free logos for your business.
Create a business card such as Business Professional Card Designer and easily print it.
The digital business card is very useful to share the contact. You often want to change your business or Visiting Card Design so that you fill your profile and download your digital business card at any time.
Business Card Maker with logo / photo app Features:
- Make your own business card just a minute.
Fill out 2 easy step profiles page (name, address, etc.) and choose a template.
Your business card is ready to download
75+ Premium Business Card Templates for free.
- Design both sides and back together.
- Easy to use

Advanced feature is also free.

- Designs like professional graphic designer with tools.
- predefined symbols like mobile, email, website, location, facebook, Twitter, linkdain, etc ...
Logo for all professionals and fields like photographers, graphic designers, shops, doctors, engineers, lawyers, nurse, businessmen, real estate, construction etc.
- Download friendly print and HD image
Share digitally-watched card photo in Whatsapp, Facebook, and more
Create a Business Card / Visiting Card Design with Image: You can create a variety of business cards according to your needs. You can choose the business card template previously presented or make it yourself empty.
Manage profiles You can create user profiles (name, address, phone number, email, etc.) for which you want to make a business card.
Manage a Business Card - Save, download, and modify your card at any time.
What can a business card maker and creator do?
* Add text, image, formats, symbols and insert your own picture.
* Choose background design, color or gradients
* Text: Edit text, shade, border stroke, color change, gridges, blurring, clone, delete
* Image: Fill color, shade, blurring, etc.
* Logo: Create logo, choose the logo from the app gallery or your company's logo from the phone
Business / company / personalized cardiac with photo
Free Visiting Card Creation app is 75+ creative design. Graphic designs made with a business card designer visit the card created by the professional graphic designer.
Virtual Business Card / Digital Business Card will market your business. Your creative designs always affect your customers.
The Offline Business Card Editor allows you to modify or modify your car at any time.
Basic name card / business professional card design, classic tour card card template and creative modern business card design 2018 - 2019 formats.
Business Card templates, to help you see card samples, have to make you the best business card design. You can also create a QR code from the Internet and you can also add a photo to go to the card. The Business Card Scanner app will scan your name card faster

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