Free Courses

Free Courses

This application meets various video lessons completely free so that users learn practical and quickly on different subjects.

With this, you can save your favorite course and save the last video to save the support class so that users from where they go.

At present, the curriculum for free applications offers courses in the following areas:

Basic studies
(Algebra, Jami, Calculus, Statistics, Geometry, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Literature, Grammar, Societies)

- Information Technology
(Web development, app development, database, game development, tools, office pack, multi-platform programming, infrastructure, basic information)

(Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese / Mandarin, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish, English)

(Psychiatric, Nutrition, Anatomy, and Physiology, Physiotherapy, Physical Education)

- Equipments and volks
(Guitar, Elique guitar, piano, drum, reception, violin, flute, bass, song)

- Other
(Magic and Symbols, Photography, Starromomy, Drawing, Sports, Sports, Political, Theater)

- Carrier operations
(Electric, Sewing, Enterprise Ship, Mechanical, Management, Design, Pure)

The content of the free curriculum works as an organizer as it gets the best curriculum available on YouTube and organizes them into categories and sub-categories, and allows you to save your favorite courses in a particular area.

The system is also available to access the computer via address

Application courses are updated weekly if you submit your course or not in applications, send email to it at

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