Full screen video status

Full screen video status

This app is compatible with all of your devices.

At this time you used to keep different platforms of different video estate apps. Now, you only need an app and it's enough! Instant Status is the only solution to you, the fullscreen HD video status for State Share networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Are you looking for the best collection of song lyrics video to upload on your VoiceSpace stories or your FB or InstaForex story? Well, the State Joyce app is best for you. To install only one app, you will have access to hundreds of video status in mp4 format of mp4. The State Joyce app is easy to use and is smaller in size, so it is not worried about removing your favorite apps to install it.


Easy to use: Open the State Joyce app and you will get the latest uploaded fullscreen video status. All you need to do, click on the download button to save on your Android device.

Hint Control: Swipe to the next video and swipe down to return to the previous one. When you watch a video from the popular video section, swipe left to return to the most full-screen video status.

Popular Video: This category shows you videos are currently trendy in India as voice-up and are being loved by multiple people. Just click on the video and select the download button.

Upload your videos: Have you made a wonderful video cameras status video? Upload it to our platform and we will provide our thousands of users.

Facebook and Insider Story Videos: This fullscreen HD status video can be used as video and video content.

Latest Video Status: We update the Stats Collection every day, so you are not the latest status or stories out of video to upload to Facebook, Instagram, and Voice.

Find Videos: Looking for a specific video status of your favorite artist or looking for a surgical video from your favorite movie? Just hit the search button and find it today.

Portrait Video Status: This app mainly focuses on the status of the photo video. So, you have the fullscreen video status on your WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook.

Share Videos: Download and share fullscreen video status in HD quality with your friends on other social networks.

More features are on the go! Keep watching us

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