Hotspot Shield Basic - Free VPN Proxy & Privacy

Hotspot Shield Basic - Free VPN Proxy & Privacy

Hotspot Shield Basic - Free VPN Proxy & Privacy

This hot pot is an unlimited version of 100% free and VPN proxy and has basic features. If you need a full version of hot point shield for broad server coverage, please download it from here:

With Free VPN - HotPot Shield Basic, you can:

Worried about wrong sites, block and access those websites and apps. It makes your online activities completely private, unique and secure.
Stay private, private, and anonymous online, to prevent someone from tracking your online activities.
③ Stay safe from hackers and snippets on the public WiFi connection.

Free VPN - Hot Stomach Shield Basic feature for your Android:

✓ Free: 100% free. No credit card information or signups are required.
✓ Limited: really unlimited. There is no session, speed or bandwidth range.
✓ Simple: Block the "Connect" button with just one touch button. ✓ Privacy: We do not log in to user activity. You are completely anonymous with hot stomach shells.
✓ Security: Our military-level SSL encryption will completely save you and save you.
✓ Performance: We fully cater to all VPN servers to ensure VPN speed and the most stable and secure connection.

■ Free VPN Why - hot pot shell basic

Free VPN - Hot Stomach Shield is 100% free, unlimited, safe and easy to use. With free VPN - HotPet shell key you can:

่ˆ‡ Access any website in any country. Write Geo restrictions to disable your site anywhere! Removal of Firefox, Video Streaming Services, and VoIP ranges from avoiding unlocking social media sites have been removed.

③ Keep your data safe from hackers. When you connect to a public WiFi hot pot, your names, passwords and personal information can be easily compromised. Free VPN - HotPil Shell offers bank data security for basic data and best protection.

☺ Enjoy Full Nominated Enjoy - Hide your IP address, identity and location from the website and online trackers.

 Free VPN - Hot Stomach Shield Click on a VPN Acquisition Service. HSS has just one button. The button connects you with one of the most anonymous servers in the speed of web proxy.

Web surf is snooped by your ISP and avoid avoiding web tracking and targeting. Free VPN - Hot Point Shield basically changes your IP address, so your online identity is not known and your internet activity is not capable of promoting eyes and businesses.

■ Powered by Anchorfree

Anchor-free is a private holding company located in Silicon Valley. The company's mission is to secure access to the world's information. Their personal information on the internet is confident in maintaining online control. Millions of consumers have access to online security, privacy, and its most popular hot stomach shell. Running all web activities through private virtual private networks, HotPot Shield makes a personal safe tunnel for every user and enables users to access online activities, sites visited, searches and personal identities.

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