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KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

Want to become a professional video maker? KineMaster Pro offers you a golden opportunity to edit videos like a professional. It comes with amazing features to modify videos and audio as per your wishes. In similar fashion, the app is best for mobile journalism, YouTube video creation, academic specialists and short film creators.
Special features of KineMaster Pro
To get started, it comes with some unique features like multi-layers of video, puts a picture, overview, and text on any photo on any photo. It supports crafts, stickers, and many other special features.
Combined with the above feature, the app has a "quick preview" feature that allows you to quickly view your edits. It takes you to meet. The app allows you unlimited editing. Each time you edit the video, the "Quick Preview" option allows you to view the edited portion.
Another important point, you can also edit the brightness, hi-level, and video saturation.
In addition, it enables you to edit the video background. You can set the background of your choice in the video clip.
Even more, the KineMaster Pro comes with very powerful audio filters such as sound switches. This is the most important feature before the discussion. Allows you to change the sound of the video according to your needs.
Before the above discussion, the transfer effects to the app to present your video more powerful. 3D transitions, widespread, rolling, optional fades, and the effects of many other transformers on your signals.
You can also add text to the video. While editing the video for your product, you also need to add your contact details. On this occasion, you can use the text version feature.
Even more, the "speed control" feature is able to control the speed with three different options. It allows you to control the duration of your video. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I'm sorry to hear from you. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now!
This amazing tool's "volume wrap" feature allows you to control the video volume within each frame. Initially, the volume is required. So, you can add it. In the middle section, you do not need any volume; you can leave it. Consequently, you can adjust the volume according to your preference in different parts of the video.
Similarly, different topics, audio, and visual effects make separate devices between their competitors. Overall, you can use a wide range of themes and animations to make your video more attractive. This effect includes fog and mosaic, in which your video is worth it.
In addition, you can record video clips and audio using the app's real-time recording feature. Just open a video and start recording a clip of your choice. Edit the clip, add text and other features and share it on social media to surprise people.
The feature of the app allows you to touch the unnecessary part of the video. Say you have recorded your birthday part with some unnecessary elements in it. You can reduce those sections to enable viewing these videos.
KineMaster lets you create videos without watermark app. Therefore, your edited video is purely your property. You can share with your friends to appreciate them. There is no KineMaster watermark on them.
In addition, it supports all popular video formats such as MP4, 3GP and MOV. It supports audio formats including MP3, M4A, AAC, and WAV. In image formats, it supports JPEG, PNG, Web, BMP, and GIF. (If it's still a photo)
Last, but at least it enables you to share edited video clips on YouTube, Dropbox, Facebook, and other social networking sites. It allows you to create short video clips of your products and services to share on Instagram.
The "Mixing" feature lets you make audio and video to them. It allows you to set your favorite song and sound on a video. The mixture will also enable you to fully add part of a full video or video.
How to download and install the KineMaster Pro app
Here, I'm going to explain the KineMaster Pro download and install on your Android devices. Follow the following steps to use it on Androids.
Under this section, select "Download for Android". The file is not too large and does not use any of your data. It starts downloading AP's KineMaster Pro.
As I said previously, the file is light. Thus, there is no time to download. Once finished, open the download and uninstall the app file. It displays the "Install" option. Select this option to proceed.
On the Terms and Conditions page, you agree "I agree professional and rich many professors, KineMaster offers an unprecedented level on the mobile editing process, and for artists and teachers, layers of writing allow you to draw on the video directly (story storyboard too It's also easy!). 
Join the Mobile Edit Revolution with KineMaster!


• Download the KineMaster Asset Store, Royal Tie-free Music, apps, stickers, and more.
Frame terming frame
• Quick preview for all editing
• Hello, brightness and control over control
• Sound switcher, including voice manager
• Matte, mosaic and other effects
• Many dynamic styles
• High-speed control for video clips
Volume Envelope (Exclamation of volume control within a clip)
For more details, request questions and additional requests, contact
KineMaster needs access to your phone's camera and microphone if you want to record video or voice directly in the app. KineMaster needs access to your phone's storage to save these projects (plans are called "KineMaster", which is called "KineMaster", which you have an app cannot be lost.
KineMaster is a subscribed service, but you can use it in a test mode without any subscription. In addition to removing watermarks, users access premium-based assets from the KineMaster asset store, including visual effects, great, professional high-quality tablet-free music, and more, regular new assets. Automatically analyzes any membership (or year, if you have selected a yearly subscription option) every month until canceling the store app.

KineMaster + Musik (free for personal use - no watermark!)

Use one of the professional quality royal free music tracks available in the asset store, and you will be removed from the water when sharing on YouTube (for personal, non-commercial use)
Supported OS and devices
• KineMaster can be used on most of the devices running Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean MR2) and above, but you use the best editing using a device with powerful video decking capabilities on SOC. Can do Will be tested. For more details visit:
Supported formats
Video formats:
• MP4 (H.264 Base Line / Main / High profile + AAC LLL / PCM)
• 3GP (H.264 Base Line / Main / High profile + AAC LLC / PCM)
• MOV (H.264 Base Line / Main / High profile + AAC LLC / PCM)
Audio formats:
• MP3
• M4A
Image formats:
• Web
• GIF (still image only)
Export Video Format:

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