LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

The line re-transmits the communication across the world, not only messaging but also to enjoy free voice and video calls where you find yourself.

Download the line and find the reasons for its global popularity and number one in 52 countries.

The latest features of the line

★ The interface can be anywhere with video calls or large round tables
Chat up to 200 friends in your group! Friends face face face face as well!

★ Your friends think the elections use to watch faster
Where to meet the food, avoid long-term escape and avoid making a survey.

The main features of the line

★ Call any voice, video at any time, at any time
Enjoy the best quality call on any charge, no matter where you are. At more than 200 people at the same time, international demands are completely free! Use effects and filters during video calls. (Remember that this feature may not be available on some devices.)

★ Easy Chats where anything possible
Easily share places with messages, photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, and friends.

★ Easy to use in fun and social networking features
Share your messages and photos on videos and locations on your daily timeline with friends on schedule!

★ Find the world's most popular characters in the sticker shop
Browse hundreds of popular free stickers and beautiful stickers of the world's favorite characters! Choose different types of sticker sets by taking your messages unique.

★ Auto-sync your device and PC
Whether you have a mobile version or a desktop version using your computer or Mac, your LINE chat is always the latest and synced to your latest version.

★ Your own personal storage space: Keep it
Keep messages, keep in photos, videos and more where you can easily share with your friends.

★ Reported with official accounts of the line
Connect your favorite accounts directly with your favorite celebrities and companies.

★ Contact new apps
Gateway provides entertainment and lifestyle apps to bring you entertainment and a new feature in your life.

Call internationally online with an online line
Keep international calls on international phones and landlines at low rates. You can also be friends who are not on the line.
Plus, enjoy free calls after viewing ads with a free outline.

■ We use a database or connect to WiFi because you can otherwise take a data device fee.
■ To enjoy the full range of line lines, please use the Android OS version 4.4 and above.

If your network speed is too slow or you do not have enough device storage, LIN cannot be properly installed.

If so, please check your connection and try again.

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