Pool Rewards - Daily Free Coins

Pool Rewards - Daily Free Coins

Do you love playing the pool?
Do you want free pool coins / free pool items (avatar / coo / aliens) etc.
Here is your request
This application will apply to all your available rewards directly with your unique identity on your Paul Account.

You can see all available rewards on request and apply each code individually.

Home screens will include all rewards code
- We added a menu so that the user can navigate/filter the reward list
- Today: We add new components daily, today the new reward code will be entered under the new tab, the new ingredients code will work on every account.
- Above Value: This will include the highest cost scan (1000-5000).

Scratch: This will be the Rewards Code to get scratches
Sponsors: This will include a reward code to get a sponsor
Avatar - This will be a reward code to get an avatar
Cues: To get Cues it will have a Reward code

Guard box
Nader: It will include awards code to get rare
Epic: This will be the Reward Code to get epic
Legendary: It will include a rewards code to get legendary

1. A reward code cannot be used multiple times for the same account.
2. If you already use some codecs, it will not work for you, so be patient and wait to add new ingredients.

E-mail for any discussion: contact@hastyclicks.com

Thank you!

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