PubG Mobile Description

Pub mobile is here! Built with realistic engine 4, this version of the publishing mobile is also compatible with more devices and improves devices with less remote without having to agree with the gameplay experience that has created millions of fans around the world. Is attracted. The publisher offers a small map for mobile laptops for 40 players, which means a fast-playing game that still holds in the traditional PUBG style!

1. Publisher Mobile Lite
Parrotlets 40 players take a winner on a 2x2km Rich Island graphic. Players have to scan for their own weapons, vehicles, and equipment, whereas they always have the opportunity to become the last player to fight in the zone zone zone. Get ready for the ground, return, and do whatever you live .. This battle is Rachel!

2. High-quality graphics and HD audio
The powerful realistic engine creates perfectly exquisite detail for realistic 4 jaw rays, realistic gameplay effects and jaw-dropping visual experiences with large HD maps. Expand yourself in the world because you play with high-quality audio and rich 3D sound effects.

3. Realistic weapons
Choose from false fireworks, millennium weapons and constant continuous growing arms of flowers, which is realistic with Bollywood and travel triangle, giving you the option to shoot, beat, or target your enemies. Oh, and PUBG's signature pan? We have a pan

4. Team with friend
Invite and manage your war plan and make a perfect bounce for your enemies through voice chat with your friends.

5. Suitable gaming environment
Ensure a fun and fair atmosphere for all pocket mobile laptops for powerful anti-cheat mechanism players.

There is not only one game. This is the war Royale.

Contact us

The game is still in beta testing and the gameplay experience may change into the final version. Your future will take place in beta testing.

If you enjoy the game, please join the discussion on Pub mobile. Official Facebook Group:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your customer service team on


Royale Pass Season 1 10 DCE 2018 (UTC) will end. Please make sure you submit your rewards soon! The session starts at 2 17 DCE 2018.
- Added total rating by the mode.

Other improvements:
The appeal of some organizations has been adjusted.
- Sound chat improved and data usage decreased.
Main menu effects have been adjusted.
- Inventory effects have been adjusted.
At least at least teams were added.
Flight routes have been improved.
The effects of the region have been adjusted.

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