Tiles Hop: Forever Dancing Ball

Tiles Hop: Forever Dancing Ball

Hot update
Come on! Now you can upload your song to play.

With Tiles Hop: EDM Rush !, You can play a variety of music, with beautiful piano, guitar songs hard rock, metal stones, and EDM royalists.

Magic balls of magic music, listening to defeat, and making a lot of hops as you can now do for free in this brain-playing music game!

Hits songs + ball games + tiles = anxiety

This game will create a whole new experience for the musician's game boyfriend.
Now be ready to catch the magic defeat!

How To Play Tile Hop: EDM Rush!

1. Hearing magic and using your music refill to stay tiles from the tile to the left or right tile.
In short, jump the ball! Do not try to fall magic music tile.
Do not tape! This tape is not a tape game.

2. Just follow the rhythm and do not miss any time to bounce the ball! Create crazy combos and defeat your friend's score!

Sports Features
Auto-generated content: Upload your favorite song to bounce with music
Touch control with simple operation
Breathable 3D wide and effects
30+ Perfectly Beautiful and Fun
20+ different backgrounds to bring you a really new one!
- 10+ to choose the balls of the sky
Simple graphics, easy to play and everyone is playing their favorite piano, eddym, pop, rock!
- High-quality sounds feel like you're in a concert.
- The breathing rhythm will challenge your hand speed!
- Mix different skins for your dance balls and cool them too.
Hit your own top and dare your best friend for your challenge.
Top challenge mode gives you encouragement and risk!
Share your records to your friends, and compare the listings with a global list!
- Save your progress via Facebook account and share progress in different devices.

Let's run the sky ball and travel in a wonderful way to dance every dance.

It's really one of the best arcade bouncing ball games with great music to challenge your friends.

Tiles Hop: Eddy M. Rush! Is completely free! Try now!

Are you Issues with Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!? Send an email to pama.support@amanotes.com

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