filters for snapchat : sticker design

Filters for snapchat: sticker design

Snapshot filters for wonderful images with strange face filters. Free for limited time!

Snapper filters can give you the face you ever want!

Get lots of filters like dogs, rabbits, eyes, hair, sheep ..... you ever wanted to do this!
With the face edition of the new snippet filters for Snapchat, you can get your favorite face and impress your friends.
You always wanted to know how new faces look, then face yourself new snippet filters.

Snapchat filters look incredible, we have a special focus on the best HD screen quality. Only for a limited time is just free!
How it works:
1) Download Download Download
2) Choose a photo from your album or use a camera function
3) Get a face with the integrated image editor
4) Select a color filter and edit so that your image is excessive
5) Save your picture or save it directly to all social media platforms with all your friends (Whatsapp, Faceb00k, twitter, installed, snap chat).


Free (for a short time only)
- Identity ID
Hd image quality
- Photo editor
Color filter
- Transparency
-200+ face combinations
-social media
No hidden costs
Sticker printing
Custom stickers
Stickers maker
Van sticker
Personal Stickers
This is the first time you've been on your own

Face effects:
• Chicken food
• Mirror
• Pig Nose
• dogs
• Monster
• Pencil Profile
• Vintage profile
• Dark outline
• emotional
• Cowboys
• Posterized
• Tons
• Xray
• Ghost
• Scary
• Dracula

Sound effects
• Baby
• Scary
• Scary
• Men
• Women
• Kate
• Demococom
• Mouse
• Mountain
• Robots
• Demococom
• Witch
• Facial exchange
• Change the soup

Payment Features:
• All premium face effects
• All premium sound effects

download now! Enjoy it!

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