Infinite Design

Infinite Design

Infinite Design

Reconstruction from the earth: with a better interface, fast, incredibly stable, with a better interface.

A unique experience

Unlimited canvas (pan, zoom, or rotating)
• Edit intuitive route
• Boolean operation
• Align and distribute items

Spare tools

• Experience with four types of arrows
• Unlimited layers
• Unlimited with a history slider; Clear to start from scratch
• Create shapes with the pen tool easily
Drive the 3D city's shape with leaders of different five different approaches
• Text Tool: horizontal, vertical, circle, or text on the way

Stylish interface

• It is easy. It is organized It's out of the way.
• Move your favorite devices to the top bar for quick access
• Draw the wheel with two fingers

Advanced Features

• Transmission tool: translate, scale, rotate, flip, fight, and lose
• Complete graduate and pattern
• Rotate and Flip Canvas
Automatic detection
• Grid for reference or snapping
Wikiquote: Change any photo to a fully editable vector path

Import and Export

• Import and export SVGs
• Search from Gallery, Images or Web
• Export images as JPEG, PNG, or SVG
• Take part in unlimited studio community or in Instagram
• Find colors, colors, and patterns lakhs through ColourLovers

Artwork provided by:

Navy Creative
Rack Zloe Ardiansyah
Alice Sinnarov
Crazy mats

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