sketch draw paint

sketch draw paint

Sketch - Draw & Paint

This is Sony's official scripts app. sketch draw paint experiences an entertaining picture and photo editing experience for anyone who wants to be creative according to the skill level. If you need to encourage, the Sketch community is a permanent source of digital art to find and enjoy. Then you want to make others a part of the community by sharing your own art.

Drive Creative Sketch Drive using fun brushes and tools
✓ Improve your photos and pictures with text and free stickers
✓ Create an outline with layers
Zoom to paint fine details
✓ Encourage and encourage other users in the art community
✓ Take part in cooperation and build on others' work
✓ Back up and sync your drawing to multiple devices

Edit tools:
Multiple brush, pen, and pencil
Draw with finger or styling
Fill bucket
Layer editor
Photo import
Free stickers
- Text with multiple fonts
- leadership
Background selector
Color tool
Image color adjustment
Move, measure, rotate and flip
- Pan and Zoom
Export or share as a photo
Return / Revert
Back to and up to multiple devices

Community Features:
Top list and global feed
Hashtags make it easy to find your favorite drawing styles like comedy, manga, anime, or pictures
- Conversations and interactions with other artists
Custom profile page
Like your favorite artists on others' paintings, and comment
- Share the Artist Art community and identify and encourage others
- Personal feed
- Search for users and tags
Remove the outline and likely to block the users
Art is not required to find

Contact with a sketch on social media:
๐ŸŒŽ Instagram
๐ŸŒ Facebook

Get access to the latest features and sign up the beta version to improve the skate. Please visit the Sketch Beta Community [] to get started.

It uses analytics software to collect and collect data to improve applications and our services. No one can use this data for your identification.

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