weather forecast

weather forecast

weather forecast

weather forecast
The weather forecast is a wonderful, easy app, it's updating with weather conditions.
Activate the location with a click and the weather conditions in your current location.
According to the weather, the weather forecast for present weather forecast and places of the global world, your address automatically searches for the weather forecast for your address, and according to the city zone sales and fonts, Provides current temperature at the sun and sunset times.
The weather forecast also provides pressure on the present environment, weather conditions, exposure distance, relative moisture, varied units, precipitation, air speed and direction, ten days future predictions and hours of season weather. Also provides information.
Real-time temperature, moisture, pressure, air force, and air direction are based on the weather this season.
The app gives you a very easy user interface, touching each other is easy to see weather information.
Various weather information: temperature, air, humidity, half point, precipitation, exhibition, pressure, sunlight, sunset
- See weather information in many places
- An hour or daily. We offer 7 days - 10 days information: Today's weather, tomorrow's weather, ... and an hour every hour.
- Weather supports Geo Positioning, to regain fresh weather conditions for your current location
An option to manually add your location. Automatically determine location by network and GPS.
- Add and track weather conditions in many places
Dynamic Climate Conditions - See how the weather is alive!
- Hourly and Week Forecast
Temperature: Switch between Celsius and Frontier
You can allow and disable notifications
Need to be manually added without the current weather condition
- Environmental pressure in many different units
Airspeed and direction in different units
- One day, the future forecast for 10 days and the forecast of hour-to-day.
- sunrise and sun time.
Season of the season, acquisition of spatial information with friends.
Display weather predictions or moon phase
- Local in most languages in the world.
- Chart graphics for hour forecast and daily weather forecast
Weather widget and release notification, multiple locations on the widget
Option to set lock screen with live weather information
- Give the correct weather GPS is not enabled, very good!
- If you are living in New York like a big city, London does not need to enable your GPS, the app detects the right place on the network and can provide information to such cities as well. In this case, New York, London. Otherwise, if you see if the app detects the correct location, please enable the GPS.
With the help of both network and GPS, it's easy to update your location when you go ahead

Coming soon:
- Weather Radar and Radar NOAA

This is the second generation of our seasonal app and it will be updated frequently, the older version has been deleted and no longer retains, so download this version instead.

Enjoy your life with your season channels, thank you!

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